The Gift

The Gift is a guide book of the most beautiful poetry, giving you the keys to unlock all the powers in you to a happy,
harmonious and successful life. It would make a great GIFT for yourself, a friend, someone you love,
or even someone you don't like - it will change them for the better!

Now is the new Era! It's the new craze! And the topic on everyone's tongue!

We become what we think about! Our thoughts and our feelings are creating our future!
There is no other book like this on any shelf in the world, and I dedicate it to you.
Act on all the words and your dreams will all come true!
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.2 - Your Soul, Your Spirit
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.3 - Individuality
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.4 - Brim Your Minds Cup
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.6- It's All In Your Mind
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.7 - Fertile Mind
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.8 - Positive Thoughts
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.9 -The Law of Attraction
THE GIFT W SHADOWEp.10 - Gratitude

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