Why advertise on Viva TV?

Viva Television is the only dedicated English speaking regional Television channel available across the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and in fact the whole of Spain via our website!

Television advertising is the most prestigious form of advertising you can embark on. Television dramatically increases a company's profile, its exposure to the public, and as a result its sales!

Viva Television offers extremely competitive rates, being one of the most cost effective local forms of advertising available to you across the Costas.

There are so many English language publications and radio stations on the Costas, so how do you know which ones to choose? But Viva TV is the only English language local television channel - Viva Television!

Television is 3 dimensional; you see it, hear it, and sense it. Television causes a huge variety of emotions and feelings, some say they can almost touch and taste it! No other medium can give such a specific insight to your product or business or can create such emotion for the viewer.

Viva TV has a dedicated shopping network, where you can build your product profile alongside some of the biggest names in innovation available today!

Television is an intrusive advertising medium; nothing else is going on whilst your message is being broadcast, when the TV is on, your message is getting through.

With VIVA TV you are able to specifically target an audience you wish to attract according to the time of day your message is shown.

VIVA TV is a local television service broadcasting to viewers who are within reach of your products and services, thus there is no wastage from broadcast out of your catchment area.

VIVA TV can help to build your brand name directly to the homes of the viewers across the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida in such a way that you become a familiar household name to our whole viewing audience.

VIVA TV attracts people with a high disposable income willing to purchase quality products and services. Viva TV gives viewers the chance to see and hear about your product or business before they make an informed decision to visit your premises. What other media can offer this? It's the best form of word of mouth advertising around!

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Viva TV Commercials

Television is a fantastic way to show your business or products off to the fullest. Commissioning a TV advert for your business is often daunting as it's unfamiliar territory for many. Click here for more information about television advertising on the Costa Blanca. It's also a popular misconception that TV advertising is expensive. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote, you'll be amazed at our prices.

Viva TV Weddings

Your wedding video is a precious memento of your big day and if produced properly can bring back fantastic memories forever. At Viva TV we produce for you the very best record of your wedding day in Spain. Fully customised especially for your individual requirements. Multi cameras record your entire day from start to finish. No need to miss a thing. Read more about our unbeatable wedding video packages here.

Viva TV Promotional DVDs

Video is one of the most powerful ways of promoting your business, service or product. The Viva TV video production team create high quality videos, DVDs, web videos and broadcast footage to suit every budget. Web ready video production can be provided for as little as €300 for example. Promotional DVDs for entertainers are a speciality and an incredibly cost effective way of promoting yourself. Find out more here.

Viva TV Event Recording

Ever been to or held an event that you'd love to re-live over and over again? With a Viva TV high quality DVD recording, you can. School concerts, dramatic productions, birthday parties, engagements or award ceremonies. Any event you can think of can be recorded and kept forever. We can mass produce too so everyone there can have their own copy of a very memorable occasion. Read more about Viva TV event recording.